Everest Base amp trek cost

Everest Base Camp Trek for all of us has been almost the top list to visit at least once in a lifetime. Saw many pictures of the mountains especially Everest it looks always amazing and inspired to aspired to be there soon, trekking to Everest actually the best out of the thousands of trekking routes on the planet.

A lot of us, as we of now, the cost matter when we travel. trekking to Everest base camp defiantly a big matter of the price when we plan as we have a fist considerations of the cost.

The ost for Everest Base camp trek is medium not very high and not very low, comparison to the Annapurna and Langtang region Everest is a bit expensive since you need to travel by air there are not any over lands transportations for the normal Everest base camp trek.

Where and how you should spend the money while traveling to Everest, First come first,  for the transportations like ground and air, the air ost to and from Lukla costs approximately $350 USD for the round trip and secondly you have to spend the good amount of money on the foods, foods on this region is quite expensive as it starts from  $3-10 per meal and buying water is approximately ost $3 per liter of the water, hotel accommodations or trekking lodges on this trek is fairly cheap and fixed price it is normally $5 dollar everywhere and the cost for the trekking permit is called Sagarmatha national park permit which is only $30 USD and for the TIMS ard is only $10 USD.

If you are traveling with a local guide then the ost of guide approximately $20-25 USD / day including all his foods, hotels, transportations, and insurance.

Everest has been always one of the most fascinating trekking destination s in the world since its documented to travel, it is a classic hike that takes you to land of the mighty Moutain and sherpa kingdom for the 12 days.

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